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  • HAPPY -) Friendship Week 27 March 2017 - This week our school will be thinking about the importance of good friendships, in connection with World Autism Awareness week: thinking about the inclusion of all children. This will include: Lucky Dip Random act of kindness – all children write their name on a slip of paper and take it in turns to pick out […]
  • great-court-roof_944x299 Year 5 visit the British Museum 17 March 2017 -                     Year 5 are currently learning about Ancient Sumer in literacy and visited the British Museum in London this month. The trip was an invaluable opportunity for the children to enrich their learning about Ancient Sumarians, who were an extremely advanced civilization inventing many things which have […]
  • CWixeTIW4AE9Rr8 Red Nose Day 2017 03 March 2017 - A BIG thank you to everyone who has supported this year’s Red Nose Day.  All your donations of cakes, biscuits and teddys have helped make this a very successful year.  The games at breaktime were fun-filled (the queue to soak Mr Knowling was very popular!). Mrs Markham has been busy counting the money and we […]