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  • Summer Reading Challenge 18 July 2018 - Summer Reading Challenge On Tuesday, we welcomed Alice from the library to tell the children all about the fantastic Summer Reading Challenge. The Summer Reading Challenge takes place every year during the summer holidays. You can sign up at your local library, then read six library books of your choice to complete the Challenge. There […]
  • Beautiful Butterflies 04 July 2018 - Today all 5 chysalides hatched and five beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies emerged. It was such an incredible thing to watch. The red liquid you can see is called meconium and it is expelled from the butterfly as it’s wings expand. The wings take around two hours to harden and and tomorrow they will be ready […]
  • Caterpillar Fever 27 June 2018 - This week The Bear’s Den took delivery of some caterpillars! In a few days time they will   make their way to the top of the lid and and hang in a J shape. They will shed their exoskeletons one last time and harden into chrysalides.   A camera is filming their transformation and the footage […]