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  • Cadbury World Trip 16 October 2017 - Year 6 had a wonderful time on our trip to Cadbury World last week. Anumi tells us a little bit about the day. “What a enthralling day! We started the day by developing our understanding of the Mayans (the civilisation that found cocoa beans). I was astounded to find out, that Mayans used to use […]
  • Pizza Express trip 10 October 2017 - Last week Year 2 went to Pizza Express, there was a chef and he taught us how to make pizzas. First, we washed our hands then the chef gave us shiny, clean aprons and hats. Next he put some flour on the table and gave us some sticky dough. We flattened it with our hands […]
  • I’m Stick Man! 29 September 2017 - With the new garden room being named as ‘The Bear Den’ children have now begun to enjoy the benefits of outdoor learning.¬† Year 1 are looking at the work of Julia Donaldson and a small group worked with Mrs Henson to create their own Stick Man character using small sticks.