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  • Nativity! 16 November 2018 - On Thursday, some Year 6s had the opportunity to see the theatre production of ‘Nativity’. We travelled on the coach and stopped off to eat our lunches at a service station on the way. When we arrived at the theatre, we were given our tickets and sat in our spaces ready for the show to […]
  • Hands At Work and Play 15 November 2018 - Over the past couple of weeks in our Hands at Work and Play sessions, we have been learning all about our bodies and the names of our body parts. On Wednesday, we learnt how to use our fingers to rip tiny pieces of coloured paper to make rainbows. We had lots of fun developing our […]
  • Year 6 English Challenge 15 November 2018 - On Wednesday night, we competed against 4 other teams in the Year 6 English Challenge competition. It was a tough competition where we had to take part in 4 challenging rounds: naming book authors, finding out who the book characters were, grammar and memorising. We worked really well as a team and listened to each […]