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  • Stone Age Discovery 09 October 2018 - On 1st October, Year 3 went on a Stone Age visit to Ferry Meadows. During this time we made Stone Age huts; which involved moving huge branches as a team. We also learnt to make fire using a fire striker and collected lots of different natural materials to create artwork, just like a Stone Age […]
  • Ely Cathedral 09 October 2018 - On 3rd October, Year 4 visited the beautiful Ely cathedral. It was lovely to see how amazed the children were by the sheer size of the cathedral and its splendid design. When we arrived, we were treated to a performance detailing World War 1, after which we split into groups to attend varied workshops. Each […]
  • Welcome to the week! 08 October 2018 - A great start to the week, children are becoming much more confident in shaking hands as they enter the classrooms.  This warm welcome helps to set a positive atmosphere for the day ahead.