Viking Longship at St John’s

An important part of the Forest School sessions each class in St Johns
have every week is to allow for natural Free Play. This allows
children to  use their creativity and develop their imagination,
dexterity, and other strengths. It also helped them to practice
decision-making skills and try on different roles within a group.

This week 4DR used their forest school session to build a viking
Longship out of Pallets and Sticks!

Beautiful Butterflies

Today all 5 chysalides hatched and five beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies emerged. It was such an incredible thing to watch. The red liquid you can see is called meconium and it is expelled from the butterfly as it’s wings expand. The wings take around two hours to harden and and tomorrow they will be ready for some food!


Caterpillar Fever

This week The Bear’s Den took delivery of some caterpillars! In a few days time they will   make their way to the top of the lid and and hang in a J shape. They will shed their exoskeletons one last time and harden into chrysalides.


A camera is filming their transformation and the footage so far looks amazing!

Meditation Monday

All children who attend Forest School participate in meditation and on Monday’s there are extra sessions during lunch time for Year 6. Guided meditation appears to be the most popular,  children are taken off into a fantasy world where they can let their minds wander and leave worries or anxieties behind. Meditation doesn’t come easy  and everyone is working hard to manage their deep breathing and to stay focused. In the Bear’s Den there are LED lights, candles and flowers to aid concentration. Children are going back to class feeling calm, relaxed and ready for new learning opportunities.

A Monday Morning Surprise

Today’s  Forest School session was disrupted the the arrival of a male Mallard duck! He stayed for a while and had a good swim in the pond then went and nestled in the grass for a rest. What a lovely surprise on a gloomy Monday morning.

Supporting St. John’s Pre-School

This week in  Forest School Year 6 have been sharing their planting skills with Pre-School. After bringing all the equipment over they were keen to get started. Once they had picked their planting spots they worked incredibly hard digging holes in the rain. They  planted some Dogwood and Cherry trees in the outside play area and learnt how to protect the young trees from wildlife and other threats.