Primary Heads & Year 6 leader Conference

Primary Heads & Year 6 Leaders working together to raise combined KS2 scores.

A wonderful day ahead, working with all friends and colleagues across Peterborough to improve KS2 combined scores.

10:00 AM: Just come in from the cold, everyone has a coffee and we are now all ready to work and learn together.




Going for Gold!

Since starting Forest School in September I have introduced the children at St. John’s to the Woodland Trust’s ‘Green Tree Schools’ award. It is a four tier award programme and we have participated in hands on activities and learning opportunities which gain us points towards each level. All the activities encourage them to explore and care for our natural world. Some of the things we have done include planting tress, creating habitats for animals and understanding the impact humans have on the natural world.

I am so pleased to have reached the third tier of Gold and even more proud of the commitment the children have made to the award. I know that as we work towards the platinum award the children will continue to develop a deeper understanding of the environment and how they can make a difference.

Mrs Henson

We are a Green Tree School!

Freshly made hot chocolate!

Friday’s ‘hot chocolate club’ were the first group to enjoy freshly made hot chocolate, as a healthy alternative to instant hot chocolate. The group loved it so we thought we would share the recipe!
  • 500 ml hot milk
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract


A big thank you to everyone who joined us in supporting the children with their 8th Christmas fair!. I know many of you have seen your budding entrepreneurs develop their craft skills and business acumen over the years. We thank you for sharing with us the pride and joy of seeing what our wonderful children develop in their teams, formulating their business plans , making their crafts and then greeting you on the big day.

Well done to the children and staff at St John’s, another fantastic fair!

Merry Christmas everyone and once again thank you for supporting us.



Ofsted Report

“Following our recent Ofsted Inspection we are
delighted to hear that we continue to be a
Good school. The letter sent to me was overwhelmingly
positive and affirming.”

Mrs Firth

Children In Need 2017

What a SPOTACULAR day we have had – full of fun, generosity and kindness.  Thank you to all the donations of cake and biscuits we received from parents and carers and to all those who dressed up in yellow or spots.  The Wombat’s class were judged to be the ‘Best Dressed’ with Mr Nay adorning his face with spots!  They all received a pencil as a prize.  The games at playtime were a great success, with the School Council committee members helping to organise everything with great maturity.

Jack and Megan Finch won the Bake Off competition with their delicious chocolate cake, Mia (4DR), Oliver (2AP) and Ahmed (3ET) all won prizes for their superb Pudsey-themed drawings and Tommy (3SN) correctly guessed the right amount of sweets in the jar (450).

We will keep you updated with the overall amount of money raised – including which class donated the most and the winners of the Treasure Hunt competition.