Human Utopia – Day 2

We have had another fantastic day with Human Utopia at St John’s! Our Year 6 have been ‘Heroes in training’ and had the opportunity to try out their new skills supporting Year 1 and 2. Our brilliant Year 6 led a variety of games and activities with their groups and showed themselves to be leaders. We are looking forward to our final day tomorrow where Year 6 will lead and teach Year 4 about Human Utopia’s key values.

Human Utopia – Day 1

Humanutopia was formed in 2004 and was created from a desire to help young people make positive changes and to improve their life chances. They focus on the 5 main outcomes of Hope, Confidence, Happiness, Relationships and finally enhancing employability skills and life chances. The team are visiting St John’s for three days this week.

Year 6 have had a super day with Human Utopia! We have been challenging ourselves to work out of our comfort zones and develop our growth mindset. Some of the activities that we have been enjoying are ‘Bobsleighing’, product design and ‘hopping’. Dawid explains,

“I have really enjoyed ‘hopping’ which is where we had to work with lots of different children. I was out of my comfort zone but found that I really enjoyed it!”

All children have shown enthusiasm and engagement in our first day of Human Utopia and we are looking forward to what day 2 may bring…

Human Utopia

New House Point Display

We have created a new House Point display in our main hall so that everyone can keep track on points and weekly winners.  This week Reflective received the most tokens with a total of 7,700 and the trophy is proudly displayed with its yellow ribbons.  Well done Reflective House!

Golden Bench Winner

Our winner this week has consistently shown others how to demonstrate the school rules, in particular ‘being ready to learn’. Mrs Proud was very proud!

“I have been very impressed with her responses and overall effort!”


A new uniform for our Year 6s

Our Year 6s proudly show off their new uniform and the transformation is notable.  Sandra commented ‘I feel grown up and mature’.  Szymon and Anumi agreed, adding that ‘It will prepare us for secondary school’ and ‘I feel more confident to try new things’.

Record Breakers!!

Yesterday was a wonderful start to the new school year and just for fun we tried to break a world record.

We asked our new staff members to volunteer by throwing ping pong balls at swimming caps covered in foam. We all laughed and enjoyed the attempt. We didn’t quite break the World Record of 23 but were close.

The reason behind this was that I wanted to demonstrate that we actually needed a plan of action and that, had we prepared and practised we could have been much closer! So staff now have a plan and I’m sure that world record is well within our reach.

When I got home and explained the day to my boys they laughed and enjoyed the mini film clip. We then sat and watched the news and saw that a World Record had been broken yesterday and that a girl of 13 who had passed away donated 8 organs to other people, saving 8 lives as a result. Her parents said she was a very brave girl when she was alive and had a real passion to help people, they were so proud of her saving those lives.
“Everyone wants their child to be special and unique and this among other things makes us very proud.”

People have amazing courage and show their compassion in different ways, it is so important to aspire to be good people and it is our job to inspire the children at St John’s to want to be amazing! Every day, amazing people do amazing things, lets be part of that!

P.S One of our children suggested that the teachers needed bigger heads! More foam to aim for!

Mrs Firth

A mysterious visitor to Year 5


On Monday 26th June all of year Five were visited by the amazing Jamie Thomson; author of ‘The Dark Lord’ series. They knew they were in for a good time when he arrived with a case full of weird and wonderful things (straight from ‘The Darklands’. He had a mysterious chest; sound effects, a skull and he even transformed an unsuspecting year five. (You would need to speak to them for the full detail!) He has been an author for many years and has written over 20 books: he even won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize in 2012.

St John’s triumph for the 10th year running!

Last week, selected children took part in the Orton Sports’ competition over two afternoons, in track and field events.  The children were fantastic, with many finishing in first position.  We won the trophy for the 10th year running, beating Winyates school by 47 points.  Well done to all the children who took part!