Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading Challenge

On Tuesday, we welcomed Alice from the library to tell the children all about the fantastic Summer Reading Challenge. The Summer Reading Challenge takes place every year during the summer holidays. You can sign up at your local library, then read six library books of your choice to complete the Challenge. There are exclusive rewards to collect along the way, and it’s FREE to take part!

The Summer Reading Challenge website helps you keep track of your reading all year round: find new books to read, take part in competitions and play games.

Here is a link to the website for further information:

Summer Reading Challenge


Beautiful Butterflies

Today all 5 chysalides hatched and five beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies emerged. It was such an incredible thing to watch. The red liquid you can see is called meconium and it is expelled from the butterfly as it’s wings expand. The wings take around two hours to harden and and tomorrow they will be ready for some food!


Caterpillar Fever

This week The Bear’s Den took delivery of some caterpillars! In a few days time they will   make their way to the top of the lid and and hang in a J shape. They will shed their exoskeletons one last time and harden into chrysalides.


A camera is filming their transformation and the footage so far looks amazing!

We had another successful Sports’ Day – this time for KS2. The morning comprised of the same organisation as yesterday, with a carousel of activities followed by running and relay races.  Congratulations to all the children who took part and supported their house by cheering them on.  Resourceful were the overall winners with 1,351 points!  Thank you to all the parents who came to watch – especially those who took part in the adult race at the end!

1st place – RESOURCEFUL 1351

2nd place – RECIPROCAL 1322

3rd place – RESILIENT 1271

4th place – REFLECTIVE 1231

Congratulations to all the children in KS1 who took part in this year’s Sports’ Day.  It was organised in to two parts – the first; a carousel of 12 activities comprising of skills the children have learnt throughout the year during their PE lessons, the second, running and relay races.  We even had time for a staff and parent race at the end!  Thank you to all the parents who came to watch and to those volunteers and adults who helped support the children.  We are very fortunate to have Mrs Curtis as our passionate Sports Co-ordinator who organised a brilliant day!

1st place RESOURCEFUL 1,281

2nd place REFLECTIVE 1,277

3rd place RECIPROCAL 1,263

4th place RESILIENT 1,170

Science Day at Oundle School

On Thursday last week, a group of lucky Year 5 pupils attended Oundle School for the day for a special Science Day. The children had a fantastic day and came back to school so excited to share what they had experienced.

‘My favourite part of the trip was making our DNA and putting it in a necklace’ – Molly
‘The best trip I’ve ever been on! Now I have my DNA-filled necklace because of it’ – Nicholas S
‘The activity that I will always remember is biology because it was really fun when we made our own necklaces with our own DNA inside. Also, I will always have the necklace near me!’ – Michalina

Orton Sports’ Champions

Last week, selected children took part in the Orton Sports’ competition over two afternoons, in track and field events.  The children did amazingly well in all events, particularly shining in the field events, giving us a 22-point lead going into the track events. The school achieved 17 firsts, 11 seconds and 4 third place finishes in the different throwing and jumping events. In the track events the competition was a lot more challenging but our children showed excellent resilience and determination to achieve some outstanding finishes in the sprints, obstacle and relay races. This helped us maintain our first place; beating Orton Wistow to retain the Orton Sports’ trophy for an eleventh year running.

I would like to say congratulations to all the Key Stage 2 children who took part in any of the track or field events over the two afternoons of Orton Sports.

Mrs Curtis

Parent Information morning!

Thank you so much to the 14 parents that attended the Parent Information Morning. I really appreciate your support. I hope you found it useful and enjoyed the tea/coffee and bacon sandwiches.
I was also really pleased and thankful to those that contributed by giving helpful hints and advice during the session – I certainly learnt some things too about bedtimes. It really shows how as a school community we are working in collaboration.
Our next session will be on Monday 11th June (the second Monday back after half term), starting at 8.45 and finishing 9.15 . The sessions will be all about English. During the session we will discuss how we teach English, some of the new vocabulary that will be very new to some parents (including a glossary of English terms) and what can be done at home to support children’s learning.
Then sessions will be held every Monday after that between 8.45 and 9.15. It would be great to see as many parents as possible and would love any contribution or information you have.


Information Event

Event Speaker



Mr Hurford



Mrs Ross / Mrs Parkinson



Mrs Harwood / Mr Hurford



Mrs Ross / Mr Hurford


SEN Provision

Mrs Joubert



Mrs Sutton & Mr Hollingsworth


Break and Lunch times

Mr Hurford

Finally, if you have any ideas for topics for any of the information sessions that you would like to see, please contact Mr Hurford on
Thanks again for those that attended and supported me,
Mr Hurford

Pizza Hut

Year 6 were treated with a well-deserved meal at Pizza Hut to celebrate the end of a successful SATs week.  All the children showed determination with a positive attitude to complete the tests to the best of their ability.  We had a lovely time and it was a great way to end the week.