School Council elected!

The votes are in and the successful candidates were announced in today’s Church Service.  We are pleased to present this year’s School Council!

Chair: Esther  Vice Chair: Paige  Treasurer: Hollie  Secretary: Alan

Our first meeting will be on the first week back after half term where we will be discussing the organisation of this year’s Children In Need fundraising event.

Cadbury World Trip

Year 6 had a wonderful time on our trip to Cadbury World last week. Anumi tells us a little bit about the day.

“What a enthralling day! We started the day by developing our understanding of the Mayans (the civilisation that found cocoa beans). I was astounded to find out, that Mayans used to use cocoa beans to trade with…So I guess sometimes money really does grow on trees! We continued the day by travelling through the different stages of chocolate development, from the depths of the Mayan jungle through to the building of Cadbury’s Bournville factory. Throughout the day we were given lots of different chocolate tasters and we even got to choose a topping to have on some melted chocolate (I had popping candy). I didn’t want the fun filled day to stop…”

Pizza Express trip

Last week Year 2 went to Pizza Express, there was a chef and
he taught us how to make pizzas. First, we washed our hands
then the chef gave us shiny, clean aprons and hats. Next he
put some flour on the table and gave us some sticky dough. We
flattened it with our hands and turned it into a pizza shape.
After that he gave us a pan to put our dough in. Finally we put
some sauce and cheese on top of our pizzas and put them in the
oven. It was so much fun, we even got to throw the dough in
the air. My pizza was delicious and I shared it with my family.

Erin Arul Prakash

I’m Stick Man!

With the new garden room being named as ‘The Bear Den’ children have now begun to enjoy the benefits of outdoor learning.  Year 1 are looking at the work of Julia Donaldson and a small group worked with Mrs Henson to create their own Stick Man character using small sticks.

Following some training last year with Cambridge University and this year with the Cambridge Maths Hub, Mrs Harwood is now a Local Leader of Maths Education. This enables me her to run training for the Maths Hub, the first of which will take place before the end of this year, with the focus on fluency, reasoning, problem solving and developing the mathematician in every child. In education, there’s a real buzz around mathematics at the moment and it’s exciting for St John’s to be part of the drive towards raising standards in our school as well as others in the local area.

Year 6 try their hand at golf

6CK spent their PE lesson this week at the local driving range having golf lessons, which will continue until just after half term. Throughout the lessons, the children will learn how to hit the golf ball using different grips, how to putt and use different clubs.

The children were very responsible, respectful and showed impressive skills for their first lesson. Mrs Curtis believes there are some talented golfers in the making,
“Keep up the good work for the remaining sessions 6CK!”

Human Utopia – Day 3

It was our final day today and what a day! In the morning, Year 6 and Year 4 had fun working together on a range of fun activities to get children working outside of their comfort zone and challenging themselves. This was followed by Year 4 attending lessons planned and delivered by our Year 6. Sandra from Year 6 was exhausted after her lessons,

“I know what it is like for the teachers now!”

We were very proud of how the Year 6s led their lessons and how well the Year 4s took part. In the afternoon, we said a sad farewell to Sacha and Lauren who both made Human Utopia an incredible experience for all involved.

Human Utopia – Day 2

We have had another fantastic day with Human Utopia at St John’s! Our Year 6 have been ‘Heroes in training’ and had the opportunity to try out their new skills supporting Year 1 and 2. Our brilliant Year 6 led a variety of games and activities with their groups and showed themselves to be leaders. We are looking forward to our final day tomorrow where Year 6 will lead and teach Year 4 about Human Utopia’s key values.

Human Utopia – Day 1

Humanutopia was formed in 2004 and was created from a desire to help young people make positive changes and to improve their life chances. They focus on the 5 main outcomes of Hope, Confidence, Happiness, Relationships and finally enhancing employability skills and life chances. The team are visiting St John’s for three days this week.

Year 6 have had a super day with Human Utopia! We have been challenging ourselves to work out of our comfort zones and develop our growth mindset. Some of the activities that we have been enjoying are ‘Bobsleighing’, product design and ‘hopping’. Dawid explains,

“I have really enjoyed ‘hopping’ which is where we had to work with lots of different children. I was out of my comfort zone but found that I really enjoyed it!”

All children have shown enthusiasm and engagement in our first day of Human Utopia and we are looking forward to what day 2 may bring…

Human Utopia

New House Point Display

We have created a new House Point display in our main hall so that everyone can keep track on points and weekly winners.  This week Reflective received the most tokens with a total of 7,700 and the trophy is proudly displayed with its yellow ribbons.  Well done Reflective House!