Year 5 Shadow Puppet Show

The Year 5s have recently been working on the book, ‘Clockwork’. We have created shadow puppets, with the lovely help of Mrs Hope and Miss Croft, and then filmed a few scenes from the book using a shadow puppet theatre.

Some students have written a short summary of the book, and others have put great efforts into filming a newsreel. We have also been allowed to bake gingerbread, our teachers have also been so kind to let us ice them, which was an amazing group activity.

A few people have also mastered German lines to read, as this book is set in a German town.

Molly Forbes

St John’s on TV!

We were very excited to welcome the BBC news team to our school on Monday 5th February to talk about the impact of free school meals.  This news story was shown on Wednesday 7th February on BBC Look East (West) and is available to download on BBC iplayer until 6.55pm tonight.  The children had a special big screening this morning in Collective Worship and were thrilled to see themselves on TV!

Lunchtime fun!

We had a lovely lunchtime today, with Year 3 children using their imagination, teamwork and natural materials to create a wonderful picture. Maybe they were inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy who collaborates with nature to create his artwork!

Wow! What a jam-packed residential we had, and we were so lucky with the weather! Both residential and day trip children had an exciting day on Wednesday, going down to the River Nene for one session, and exploring rivers at the centre during another. At the river, we conducted an experiment to see whether an apple would travel faster towards the edge or along the centre of the river, the children made predictions and a lot were pleased that theirs matched the results. At the centre, children learned more facts about rivers, drew their own rivers and labelled them in sand and picked out key parts of the local area on a map. The day culminated with singing, games and a story around the campfire – with some very funny voices from Mr. Hunt!

On Thursday we visited an old, unused quarry to explore limestone and look for fossils. We had some eagle-eyed fossil finders amongst our group, picking out patterns in the rock and getting so excited at what they found! While we were there we took some time to think about how weathering affects rocks, even doing a bit of acting to show how it happens! After a delicious pizza and sandwiches lunch, we spent the afternoon at the centre, measuring and comparing trees in the grounds, creating our own plant pots from newspaper and making a clay model of our favourite leaf we found that day.

Our last day focused on map reading skills and a treasure hunt! We learned about coordinates and compass points before setting off on our treasure hunt around a lake at the nature reserve.

Throughout the trip the children represented the school brilliantly. They were polite, friendly and a pleasure to spend time with. Even through the mud and cold weather, the children persevered and enjoyed every minute! I am sure this experience will stay with them, as it will all the staff who went with them.

Mrs. Trolove, Mr. Hunt, Miss Black and Mr. Mucklin


Quokka Homework Projects

In the Quokka class we have been embracing our homework project challenge. We were given the task of making something creative and informative linked with our topic book Zeraffa Giraffa. These are some of the wonderful things we have made so far…

Tackling Tables success!

Within the National Curriculum, by the end of Year 4 all children should know all their tables up to 12 x 12 – both multiplication and division facts.  As a school we use Tackling Tables – a fun and engaging way to help children learn these off by heart.  There are three phases, Blue (1x 2x 5x & 10x) Green (3x 4x & 8x) and Red (6x 7x 9x 11x and 12x).  In order to ‘complete’ Tackling Tables, children have to answer intelligent practice questions which also incorporates: fractions, decimals and percentages at the highest level.

Today we received a Tweet from the Marketing Director of Tackling Tables congratulating one of our pupils!


If you would like to know about this approach, please speak to Mrs Harwood or follow the link below:

Tackling Tables

Going for Gold!

Since starting Forest School in September I have introduced the children at St. John’s to the Woodland Trust’s ‘Green Tree Schools’ award. It is a four tier award programme and we have participated in hands on activities and learning opportunities which gain us points towards each level. All the activities encourage them to explore and care for our natural world. Some of the things we have done include planting tress, creating habitats for animals and understanding the impact humans have on the natural world.

I am so pleased to have reached the third tier of Gold and even more proud of the commitment the children have made to the award. I know that as we work towards the platinum award the children will continue to develop a deeper understanding of the environment and how they can make a difference.

Mrs Henson

We are a Green Tree School!

Freshly made hot chocolate!

Friday’s ‘hot chocolate club’ were the first group to enjoy freshly made hot chocolate, as a healthy alternative to instant hot chocolate. The group loved it so we thought we would share the recipe!
  • 500 ml hot milk
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract


A big thank you to everyone who joined us in supporting the children with their 8th Christmas fair!. I know many of you have seen your budding entrepreneurs develop their craft skills and business acumen over the years. We thank you for sharing with us the pride and joy of seeing what our wonderful children develop in their teams, formulating their business plans , making their crafts and then greeting you on the big day.

Well done to the children and staff at St John’s, another fantastic fair!

Merry Christmas everyone and once again thank you for supporting us.