Parents Update June 2017

5th – 7th June – Life Education Bus in school

7th June  KS1 PE activity day
3LM parent lunch

8th June – KS2 PE activity day
Parent drop-in 9am – 12pm
New intake evening 4pm – 5pm

9th June – Non-school uniform (50p) to raise money for the Foodbank

12th June 
– KS1 Sports Day

13th June 
– KS2 Sports Day
12th – 13th June 
– Life Education Bus in school

14th June – 3SN parent lunch

15th June – Orton Sports Track events at OBA (selected children) 1pm – 3pm

16th June –  Cats’ class assembly (Hope) 9.15am

21st June – Hunts’ cricket coach in with 4EV for PE
Year 4 parent lunch

23rd June – Elephants’ class assembly (Service) 9.15am

26th – 30th June 
– Author visits week

27th June 
– Photographer from ET to take photo of Year 6 leavers

28th June 
– Year 5 parent lunch
Dragons’ class assembly (Courage) 9.15am

30th June – Hummingbirds’ class assembly (Wholeness) 9.15am
Selected children in year 5 & 6 for tennis at Braybrook School