Record Breakers!!

Yesterday was a wonderful start to the new school year and just for fun we tried to break a world record.

We asked our new staff members to volunteer by throwing ping pong balls at swimming caps covered in foam. We all laughed and enjoyed the attempt. We didn’t quite break the World Record of 23 but were close.

The reason behind this was that I wanted to demonstrate that we actually needed a plan of action and that, had we prepared and practised we could have been much closer! So staff now have a plan and I’m sure that world record is well within our reach.

When I got home and explained the day to my boys they laughed and enjoyed the mini film clip. We then sat and watched the news and saw that a World Record had been broken yesterday and that a girl of 13 who had passed away donated 8 organs to other people, saving 8 lives as a result. Her parents said she was a very brave girl when she was alive and had a real passion to help people, they were so proud of her saving those lives.
“Everyone wants their child to be special and unique and this among other things makes us very proud.”

People have amazing courage and show their compassion in different ways, it is so important to aspire to be good people and it is our job to inspire the children at St John’s to want to be amazing! Every day, amazing people do amazing things, lets be part of that!

P.S One of our children suggested that the teachers needed bigger heads! More foam to aim for!

Mrs Firth

Can it be about me?




3LM enthusiastically welcomed published author, Cheryl Moskowitz into their classroom on Friday 23rd June.  After reading her collection of poems from, ‘Can It Be About Me?’ the children were eager to find out more about her love of words.  Cheryl read out some of her poems, answered questions and then listened to the children confidently perform some of her work.

House winners’ picnic

Resourceful team captains

Resourceful team captains








Resourceful was Spring Term’s House winners and as a celebration we spent a glorious afternoon in the sun with ice poles, crisps and squash. Children loved spending time in Peanut Park, playing on the equipment, using new rocket balls, jigsaws and magazines. The children behaved beautifully and a great time was had by all.

Term Dates

Spring Term 2017:

Teacher Training Day Tuesday 3 January
Opens Wednesday 4 January
Half Term 20 – 24 February
Closes Friday 7 April

Summer Term 2017:

Teacher Training Day Monday 24 April
Teacher Training Day Monday 25 April
Opens Wednesday 26 April
May Day Monday 1 May
Half Term 29 May – 2 June
Closes Thursday 20 July

Autumn Term 2017:

Teacher Training Day Monday 4th September
Teacher Training Day Tuesday 5th September

Opens Wednesday 6 September
Half Term 23 – 27 October
Closes Tuesday 19 December


Spring Term 2018:

Opens Wednesday 3 January
Half Term 12 – 16 February
Closes Wednesday 28 March

Teacher Training Day Thursday 29 March

Summer Term 2018:

Opens Monday 16 April
May Day Monday 7 May
Half Term 28 May – 1 June
Closes Friday 20 July

Teacher Training Day Monday 23rd July
Teacher Training Day Tuesday 24th July


Mrs Harwood – Assistant School Leader

I feel very lucky to be part of the team here at St John’s after teaching for 15 years in Northamptonshire. I am currently the Assistant School Leader and responsible for the mathematics teaching at the school.  This role, alongside teaching in Year 6, means I am responsible for ensuring that the ‘learning journey’ the children are on in school is as successful as it can be as well as providing enriching mathematics learning opportunities for all.

Our aim is that children can talk frankly and openly about all their learning, we hope that they are able to reflect on the process as well as on their individual progress. We encourage the children to build up resilience for when the ‘going gets tough’; as it should do if we are to challenge, motivate and help them grow into independent learners.

I am lucky enough to be able to regularly visit all classes, looking through children’s work as well as having the opportunity to talk with them about what they are learning and how they are learning. Working with all the staff here is easy as they are a team of dedicated professionals, always striving to ensure that all children receive the best education possible.

I am excited about what my future career at St John’s has in store and look forward to getting to know as many of the wonderful children, and their families, here at St John’s as I can.