Cadbury World

Year 6 enjoyed their trip to Cadbury’s World on Tuesday. We began the day with a tour around the main building – finding out about how the Mayan’s realised cocoa beans could produce chocolate, then hearing about the history of the brand ‘Cadbury’s’ and the process of making chocolate…we even experienced what it was like to be a cocoa bean! After trying some of their chocolate, watching it being made and trying our hand at writing in chocolate we enjoyed a well-deserved break.  The best was yet to come with a 4D experience like no other!  The screams of excitement and smiles of joy were wonderful to see on all the children’s faces as we went on a journey in to a fantasy Cadbury’s World. We ended the day finding out all about the Mayan culture and history – with Pavol and Anastasija dressing up as a Mayan man and woman!

Cadbury World Trip

Year 6 had a wonderful time on our trip to Cadbury World last week. Anumi tells us a little bit about the day.

“What a enthralling day! We started the day by developing our understanding of the Mayans (the civilisation that found cocoa beans). I was astounded to find out, that Mayans used to use cocoa beans to trade with…So I guess sometimes money really does grow on trees! We continued the day by travelling through the different stages of chocolate development, from the depths of the Mayan jungle through to the building of Cadbury’s Bournville factory. Throughout the day we were given lots of different chocolate tasters and we even got to choose a topping to have on some melted chocolate (I had popping candy). I didn’t want the fun filled day to stop…”