Year 5 Shadow Puppet Show

The Year 5s have recently been working on the book, ‘Clockwork’. We have created shadow puppets, with the lovely help of Mrs Hope and Miss Croft, and then filmed a few scenes from the book using a shadow puppet theatre.

Some students have written a short summary of the book, and others have put great efforts into filming a newsreel. We have also been allowed to bake gingerbread, our teachers have also been so kind to let us ice them, which was an amazing group activity.

A few people have also mastered German lines to read, as this book is set in a German town.

Molly Forbes

Year 5 visit the British Museum












Year 5 are currently learning about Ancient Sumer in literacy and visited the British Museum in London this month. The trip was an invaluable opportunity for the children to enrich their learning about Ancient Sumarians, who were an extremely advanced civilization inventing many things which have shaped how we live today. The children had a wonderful day, as they were captivated by artifacts (and real mummies!) which could be seen nowhere else in the world.